Background Investigation – Applicant Forms

Please complete each and every form that was assigned in your introductory email. When you have completed all forms, send an email to to document the date of completion. You will receive an email with your completed form after submission. Please save these forms. Print a copy of each and bring the paper, hard copies with you to your interview.
Applications with Other Agencies
Provide detailed information about applications with other agencies.
Driving History
Provide details about your driving history, including citations and collisions.
Education History
Provide details about your education history.
Lateral Pre-Employment Questionnaire
Questionnaire for people who have worked in law enforcement.
Law Enforcement Agency Check
List the cities and counties where you have spent time.
Pre-Employment Questionnaire
Questionnaire for all applicants.
Reference List
Provide contact information for all of your references.
Social Media Use
Describe your social media use.
Provide information about your tattoos.
Bias Screening Form
Use this form to describe your involvement with any of the listed organizations.
Applicant Form Completion Record
Submit this form once you have completed all forms that were assigned to you in your introductory email.